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Remember the nineties? The days when nobody used CSS, Mosaic was still a thing and HTML3.2 tags were written in ALL CAPS because they were IMPORTANT goddammit.

It was a golden age when anything seemed possible and there was no Facebook to monetize our dreams.

My name is Charlie Harvey and I miss the websites of the nineties. Websites that were made by real people not fancy pants designers or people who knew what they were doing. You could fit everything on one lovingly crafted HTML page with all your favourite GIFS. We were exploring the cyberspace together!

  • Do you miss the nineties too?
  • Have you got a nineties site design you would like featured HERE?

Send me E-Mail and let's bring the nineties web back to life!

I will HYPERLINK all the best designs from this website!



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If you are new to the WORLD WIDE WEB, click the interactive HYPER-LINK to watch The Kids Guide To The Internet and learn about "all that cyber-net stuff"!
Kide guide to the internet


This is my collection of hyper-links to all of the best cyber-resources and WORLD WIDE WEB sites. I don't think that SEARCH ENGINES like AltaVista will ever be as good as this list.

  • The Geocities-izer can make any web page into a Geocities-style masterpiece
  • This book has the Whole Internet in it! All the best Gopher and WORLD WIDE WEB pages.Whole Internet book
  • This WORLD WIDE WEB page has screen shots of how some websites looked in the nineties Click the HYPERLINK to visit the page
  • You can get free WORLD WIDE WEB hosting from NeoCities (HTML only, no CGIs). Kyle Drake explains why he made it in Making the web fun again



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